Our Sponsor Program

Cali FID currently cares for many parrots and reptiles that cannot be placed in homes or released into the wild due to their special needs resulting from various injuries and trauma.

While these permanent sanctuary residents may be a little damaged, physically or spiritually, we believe that all animals are deserving of the most excellent care possible.

Your sponsorship of these amazing animals will help us to ensure that they live out their natural lives receiving the best specialized care and food possible.

For a minimum $10/month sponsorship (or more if you wish!), along with the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with helping our fellow creatures, you will receive from us six special stories and photos per year about a different specal-needs parrot or reptile living at our sanctuary. Yes, reptiles and birds have individual, often quirky personalities and our sponsor letters won't disappoint!

Meet our residents by clicking the images to the right, then you can click the 'sponsor us' button to become a sponsor partner. Your support is very much appreciated.